Welcome to the second JUNG Tutorial developed by Game2Learn, a member of UNC-Charlotte’s Games + Learning Laboratory. This time we will address the issue of Rendering Icons on Top of Shapes as a vertex in JUNG. So the problem is, you want to have a beautiful shaped vertices, but in addition you want to load some type of image as well inside, next to, or on top of that shape.

The desired goal can be seen below, we have square vertices with colors, we have icons, a O an X and a Game2Learn logo, and we want to print both. The solution we present here, in this tutorial, is to change the vertex render-er, which allows us to achieve the desired results of submitting both a vertexShapeTransformer and a vertexIconTransformer, and have both drawn, which is not possible with the default vertex renderer.

Check here to download the MultiVertexRenderer and associated demo.