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AIED 2011 Day Four

Day Four, the final day, of AIED 2011 Conference. Despite the ash cloud, and the earthquake which I am certain made it difficult to put on a conference, the organizers did an outstanding job. I had a wonderful time at AIED 2011, saw a number of interesting and exciting works, and got to meet a number researchers in the field. I am really glad I was able to participate in this conference this year and the long travel was worth every minute, not only was the conference interesting, fun and helpful, New Zealand was magnificent.

AIED 2011 Day Three

Day Three of AIED 2011 Conference. Interesting talks about AIED and the mainstream as well as serious games.

AIED 2011 Day Two

Here are my latest adventures in New Zealand and my updates regarding AIED 2011 Day Two, enjoy.

AIED 2011 Day One

I, Matt Johnson, am at the AIED 2011 conference in Auckland New Zealand. I will be making daily posts about my experiences there on my own personal blog, but seeing how it is so relevant to the work we do in our lab, will provide links here, rather than posting the same blog entry twice in two different locations. So far, even after only one day, it has been an amazing experience and I am very happy that I’ve been able to attend. Without further adieu, my report on day one of AIED 2011.

AIED 2011 Conference Day One.

After AIED, I will be attending the EDM 2011 Conference in Eindhoven Holland, and will continue my postings on the interesting and exciting research being presented there as well. I hope you enjoy.

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