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Katelyn Doran explains a bit about what we do in the Games + Learning Lab.

Thanks for the great video Katie!

JUNG Tutorial 1: Loading Graphs with GraphML


Welcome to a new set of tutorials developed by Game2Learn, a member of UNC-Charlotte’s Games + Learning Laboratory. These tutorials are designed to how how to program using JUNG – the Java Universal Network/Graph Framework. In this tutorial we will learn about how to read a graph into JUNG using the GraphMLReader class which was incorporated into JUNG in version 2.0, and is a great addition to the JUNG framework. Although the JUNG examples do include a GraphMLReader example we hope this tutorial and related source code will be helpful. Additionally here we will make use of node and edge metadata, so that users can load in additional node and edge data that they want in their graph. Lastly, we will walk through what is happening step by step, in hopes to help those who are new to programming with JUNG.

In this lesson we will create the following:

The graph along with the console data will be the result of completing these tutorial.

We will read in a graphml file, attributes.graphml, which stores and set of nodes and edges and has weights on the edges and colors on the nodes as metadata. This is similar to the GraphML example provided by JUNG and we appreciate the work and efforts of those who have made JUNG possible.

Click here to download the Source code to the final project.


Congratulations Katie!

Katelyn Doran, one of our researchers, recently won the Essam El Kwae Undergraduate Research Award. Katie has a great attitude, works hard, and is always working on some interesting and exciting research. Congratulations to her and thanks for all the hard work and many contributions she has made to the UNC-Charlotte Games + Learning Laboratory. Way to go!


2011 BeadLoom Game Publications

Recently we received news of additional publications being made this season, this time two papers regarding the BeadLoom Game. The teams worked hard running studies at local schools and had students use our educational tool and game. Links to the papers will be made available soon.

One of the goals for the research being conducted with the BeadLoom Game is to determine what game elements can be used in order to improve user involvement, motivation, and other desirable behaviors. As well as looking into what degree of complexity and development are required in those elements, so that we can determine the amount of effort necessary to benefit the greatest from those game elements. The two papers below are steps toward discovering that difficult and likely complex answer.

Foundations of Digital Games (FDG):

Title: BeadLoom Game: Adding Competitive, User Generated, and Social Features to Increase Motivation
Authors: Acey Boyce, Katie Doran, Antoine Campbell, Shaun Pickford, Dustin Culler, and Tiffany Barnes

Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE):

Title: Experimental Evaluation of BeadLoom Game: How Adding Game Elements to an Educational Tool Improves Motivation and Learning
Authors: Acey Boyce, Antoine Campbell, Shaun Pickford, Dustin Culler, and Tiffany Barnes

Publications AIED 2011

UNC-Charlotte’s Games + Learning Laboratory experienced some success this winter and submitted three papers which were accepted to the AIED 2011 conference in New Zealand. (Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on AI in Education, Christchurch, New Zealand)

Title: Experimental Evaluation of Automatic Hint Generation for a Logic Tutor

Authors: Stamper, J., Eagle, M., Barnes, T., Croy, M.

Title: Automatic Generation of Deductive Logic Proof Problems

Author: Behrooz Mostafavi

Title: Defining Solution Boundaries for Educational Data Mining Visualization

Author: Matthew W. Johnson


The members of UNC-Charlotte’s Game Lab are hard at work making some new games, advancing the development of older games and writing our research papers. However we have a new update on this page, check out some of the new research projects that have been added, including BeadLoom Game, World of Workout and others. Also Fatal Tendencies, the first game to make the developed games list will be having new content updated regularly. Also stay tuned for some more updates, related to Baby Mammoth’s Journey to Mars.

This Beautiful Site

On this site, we will be providing a wide range of information regarding our current research projects, conferences, interesting talks, and other information regarding games and learning. We have a number of exciting research projects in development and more information about each of them can be found under the research tab. We hope you enjoy seeing, reading and experiencing our work.

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