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BeadLoom Game is an online educational puzzle game and community site designed to teach specific STEM concepts through game play, creativity, and competition. It was originally created in order to augment an existing educational tool called the Virtual Bead Loom (VBL), a work by Ron Eglash in 2006. This tool was designed to teach Cartesian coordinates, geometry, and iteration through the free-play creation of custom native American bead art. Using the tool in local outreach we found that while the tool was effective at teaching Cartesian coordinates and basic geometry, the game provided no internal motivation to explore the concept of iteration.

In order to provide internal motivation for the students to use and explore the concept of iteration we created the BeadLoom Game (BLG) which uses the framework of the successful VBL but enhances it with game objectives. These objectives were designed to motivate students to fully explore all aspects of the original tool as well as reward problem solving and optimization techniques. Based on initial success and feedback on the BLG we created an online community site for hosting the game. We also added global high score tables and user generated puzzles to further motivate players and increase the replayability of the game.

BeadLoom Game is fully deployed and available here; play the game, create custom puzzles, compare your scores to the 333 current users, or play and rate the 298 custom puzzles already created by players.


Check out a video of The GameLoom Game.

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The Game Lab’s Dream Team (2009)

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