World of Workout


World of Workout is an RPG based game for the iPhone, designed to increase the amount of walking, and in turn exercise, in a day. The player starts the game and places their iPhone on their person and the shake event is registered as a step counter. This allows progress to be made in a virtual world, which is the world of workout. The player is then provided tasks and challenges which can only be completed by walking some amount of distance. The more you walk, the quicker you can accomplish your required tasks, and the faster you can advance through the world.


Related Publications:

World of Workout: Towards pervasive, intrinsically motivated, mobile exergaming
By: Katelyn Doran, Shaun Pickford, Cory Austin, Tory Walker and Tiffany Barnes

Development Team:

Katie Doran

Shaun Pickford

Previous Developers:

Tory Walker

Cory Austin


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