Snag’em is a large group networking game that is essentially a human scavenger hunt. Snag’em was developed in PHP, providing a web-based front-end which allows players to create their online profile and forge connections with other users. In this social networking game, players create a list of facts about themselves, called tags, which are then randomly presented to other players as missions. Missions are presented in the format, “SNAG someone who works in the Games and Learning lab,” and can only be completed by interacting with a person who fit this qualification. Most of the game’s interactions are enabled by our MySQL flexible database design, which allows new types of tags to be integrated into the game seamlessly. This game can easily be deployed in either a conference or university, which makes it very representative of the other games in the SNAG suite.

This is our first SNAG game to begin to be formally evaluated, and we have seen very promising results from preliminary play testing.


Related Publications:

SNAG: Using Social Networking Games to Increase Student Retention in Computer Science

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Development Team:

Evie Powell

Christie Thornton

Previous Developers:

Andrew Hicks

Thomas Phiefer

Josh Schrodder

Samantha Finkelstein

Antoinette Parnther

Sandhya Charugulla

Katelyn Doran

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