Educational Data Mining Visualization: Watching Students Learn


EDM Vis is a visualization software tool for visualizing log-data from either intelligent tutoring systems, computer aided instructional tools, or even digital games. As a person uses one of the above softwares, typically the user’s interactions are logged, and EDM Vis is used to read those logs and visualize the behavior a person has demonstrated within one of those tools.

EDM Vis was originally designed for visualizing data from the logic domain, with the main contributor of log-data coming from a logic tutor Dr. Barnes had developed during her doctoral research, and is still used today. However EDM Vis has also been used to visualize data gathered from Marvin Croy‘s Deep Thought Logic Tutor as well.


Below are some screen shots of EDM Vis during various stages of its development.

The EDM Vis Tool as of January 2011.

The EDM Vis Tool, April 2010.

Related Publications:

Visualizing Educational Data from Logic Tutors

Matthew W. Johnson & Tiffany Barnes. Proceedings of 10th International Conference the Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Pages 233-235, 2010.

Matthew W. Johnson & Tiffany Barnes. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Educational Data Mining, Pages 297-298, 2010.

Development Team:

Matthew Johnson

Leena Joseph

Michael Eagle

Previous Developers:

Rachel Brinkman

Gloria Szilasi

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