The Game2Learn research group is one of the many labs at UNC-Charlotte that participate in the summer Research Experience for Undergraduates program. This program accepts undergraduate students from universities all over the country and gives them a chance to experience what it’s like to be a researcher in a graduate school setting. For more information and how to apply go here!

Every year a number of students participate in the summer REU program in the Games + Learning Laboratory and have an excellent time with a one of a kind experience. This is a great way to find out if you would like to become a graduate student at a particular university because it gives you the opportunity to work at that university, in a laboratory that you feel you may like to join in the future. The Game2Learn group has had outstanding success with this program and a number of students who participate in the program find that UNCC’s Game2Learn group is the place for them. During a summer REU program, students live and work on campus and are paid to do so. Our laboratory offers a wide range of research topics, any one of which you could become involved with depending on your interests and abilities.

The Game2Learn group offers a fun, interesting and exciting environment where members address some of the most difficult challenges present in the field of digital entertainment. As such it is common for our members to have serious conversation and debate about how to design and develop games, as well as how to advance the field of digital entertainment. If you are a skilled, motivated, and hard working student who has an interest in advancing this exciting and complex field then consider applying for and participating in a summer REU experience.

Past REU Students:


Thomas Phifer*

Dustin Cullers*

Shaun Pickford*

Joshua Situka

Antoine Campbell*

Veronica Catete*

Gloria Szliasi

Meena Seralathan


Thomas Phifer*

Antoine Campbell*

Rachel Brinkman*

Christie Thornton

Bethany Miller


* students who have become full time graduate students and members of the Game2Learn research group.

One comment

  • Thomas Phifer (7 years)

    The REU Program at UNC Charlotte is exceptional! I really encourage any undergraduate who is interested in having an amazing summer experience to apply!

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