Game2Learn Lab in UNC-Charlotte Magazine

Katelyn Doran and Acey Boyce were featured in the Third Quarter 2011 UNC-Charlotte Magazine in regards to their work they do with Citizen Schools. You can read the full article on the web here, and congratulations and nice work to the two of those members of our laboratory. Keep up the good work and great job representing the work we do in the Games + Learning Laboratory!


The members of UNC-Charlotte’s Game Lab are hard at work making some new games, advancing the development of older games and writing our research papers. However we have a new update on this page, check out some of the new research projects that have been added, including BeadLoom Game, World of Workout and others. Also Fatal Tendencies, the first game to make the developed games list will be having new content updated regularly. Also stay tuned for some more updates, related to Baby Mammoth’s Journey to Mars.

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